Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Swap Angel

Remember the color swap I did back in May? I blogged about it here. Well, I did eventually get a note from my partner, citing a hectic life and issues. She said that she had a package ready, it would be mailed soon, and she would email me again when it went in the mail. I replied back, thanking her for letting me know what was up, and telling her how excited I was to get a package in the mail. I never heard from her again. No package, no email, nothing. I looked at her blog, and she pretty much quit blogging, too. I hope all is well with her, but from looking at her blog I noticed that she participates in a ton of swaps. She wrote about getting so excited about getting goodies, and I think to have participated in so many, and recieved so much, that it is pretty selfish to taketake take and not give back. *sigh*

Enter Shannon. Shannon had completely renewed my faith in swaps and the such. She took pity on me, and volunteered to be my Angel. Out of the kindness of her heart she put together a package for me that was perfect in every way. I danced around my kitchen and squeeeeeed to my husband's dismay (serious eye-rolling from him). I feel so grateful and happy, and I have already made use of some of my goodies!!
Take a look at my haul!
group shot!!
CopperPot roving that i just want to roll around in.....

custom spindle from Shannon's own esty shop: SpinSanity based on my favorite AmyButler fabric "Gothic Rose" *swoons* It is a masterpiece. And coordinates with my swing bag ;)
lookie at the shaft!! You simply MUST go buy yourself a SpinSanity Spindle!! I totally am going to collect them, and give them as gifts!!! Shannon, you are talented beyond words! It spins like a dream!
Don't you wish YOU had these stitch markers? I love the color combo.
Sew What! Skirts: I bought this for my own SP, and really wanted one for myself! I have fabric que'ed already! :)
Romantic Home Sewing: I have already made the apron out of this book! I love it so! I am inspired to organize the home, and for that my hubby thinks you should be bronzed and hung in a place of honor! ;)
yummy coffee flavored treats! Not individually pictured: creme savers, which are now at work for me to enjoy! My fave is creme brulee'
Thank you Shannon, from the bottom of my heart. I am planning a package for you, and I just want to you know how special you have made me feel, and that you are amazing!! I am lucky that you found me, and that I now have you in my life. The blogosphere has really been wonderful to me, and you are a huge part of that. Thank you!!!