Saturday, September 29, 2007


Hello out there...I have a question. I just received an amazing set of Summer Stitchettes from Wee Wonderfuls. I don't remember buying this, it didn't come with a packing slip or a card, and I can't think of any contest I might have won it in. Secret Pal, was this you? Because I love them, how did you know I just bought the Embroidery Stitch Bible on a whim at Books-a-Crapload? Thank you!

Friday, September 21, 2007


Is having my parents over for dinner, enjoying the fall inspired mum my Mum brought (it hasn't opened yet...a big suprise yet to come!), the cute dishclothes/potholders in fall colors Mum also brought, getting to spend time with my parents at my a real grown-up!

Today: getting to hang out with my bestest friends Nate & Leslie. Nate was Phillip's best man, and Leslie should have been part of my maids, but I just didn't think. I love these two so much, and I am so glad we get to hang!

Hoping: that the darn tropical storm goes aways! My plants are too buggy to bring in! Yikes!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Southern Belle Swing Bash

This past weekend Phillip and I attended the Southern Belle Swing Bash in Atlanta. it was my first time attending an event designed specifically for followers, and I did walk away with some things to work on in my dance.

Atlanta in September is so very beautiful. Crisp in the morning, warming up in the afternoon, and cooling off just in tome for evening dances. It was perfect to slip outside at the night dances and enjoy the fresh air. It is hellacious to drive in the ATL, but I loved downtown and the cafes. We had a delish breakfast at the Crescent Moon Cafe, and I was able to get my venti Pumpkin Spice Latte before the morning classes.

I loved some of the settings for the classes, Agnes Scott College in beautiful, but no A.C. is a very bad idea for such hard swinging work. I was dripping with sweat after the first class, and it just got worse as the day went on. The Georgia Tech Ballroom was a better location for classes with parking and A.C. I would have liked to see a dance at Agnes Scott perhaps, the cooler night air would have chased away the grody feeling a bit better.

The classes were interesting, but having male volunteers made it a bit difficult for us followers to work on our dance. Not every lead was intermediate (which was one of the stipulations for attending) thus we as follows couldn't really focus on us, we had to worry about the lead yanking us around. And as the leads were volunteers, the naturally was a shortage. Too many follows had to step out of the rotation for lack of lead, and as I paid a pretty good amount to attend, my expectation was to dance the whole rotation. I signed up the day registration was offered. I even brought a lead. As an organizer, they could see the lead/follow ratio, and yet allowed too many follows with not enough leads. Disappointing.

The instructors were great. Peter Strom and Frida Segerdahl are amazing dancers. This marks the second time I have taken from Frida, and she still amazes me. Seriously, click on their names and watch some vidoes. Serious bad-ass dancing!

All in all, a good event that has the potential to get better. I had some of the best dances ever at the Saturday Night dance, so see you in November at the Atlanta Varsity Showdown!!

Oh what a beautiful morning...

Sitting on my patio, sipping pumpkin spice coffee, listening to the birdsong and watching the hummingbirds duke it out over the feeder. A cool breeze rustling the tree tops, my feet just being warmed by the sun's first rays. A smile on my face, lightness in my heart. Mockingbirds tussling in the trees, the cardinal fussing at me for invading his domain.

I love the fall. Transition seasons always hold so much promise.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Lookie what I got!!

I came home form work....and what do I behold?

I see wrapping.....

I love the brown and robin's egg blue paper and ribbon! The ribbon will be worn as a headband, that's for sure! :)

See what is inside!!! The theme of my package was romance and nature. Everything came from my pal's LYS, and I want to go to that LYS!!! :) I think she nailed it on the head! I just love everything! It was such a pick-me-up to come home from work and see all of my goodies! (hence the flashy-nighttime pictures!) I am so spoiled!!

Knitting Lingerie Style!!! I have been drooling over this book! And can I tell you Phillip was mesmerized by the cover. Totally intrigued.
***Edited to add: My Knitting Lingerie Style was signed by the author herself! I wasn't sure, but my SuperCrafty pal confirmed it!!! Every bow down to the awesomeness that is my SP11! Pal, I don't know how you did it, but you are Awesome!!!! *********************************
Sarah's Yarn
100% bamboo!!! I have been wanting bamboo yarn ever since that episode of Stash and Burn
where they talked about the LBT. Thank you, it is so amazing! I just want to cuddle it, it is so soft. I am torn between the Montego bay scarf from IK, and the Surplice Bodice Camisole from my new Knitting Nature!!!
This lavender sachet is already scenting my stash, keeping moths away!
This is the best organic/vegan/all natural candy I have ever had!! I keep it in my pocket at work, and I pop a few in my mouth and am instantly happy! Yummy!!!! I am loving this Rosemary candle. Soy is clean burning, and rosemary is such a wonderful scent.
Not pictured: Ravishing Sex Goddess tea. Me and my friends have already drank tons of it on girl's night, and I left it at my friend's house. Actually, I think she is trying to steal it, but no way!! I'm getting it back! :)
I have the best pal! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

10 Things

I was perusing my blogroll this morning while sipping my coffee and stumbled across this post by the scent of water. I was inspired to post my own 10things post, albeit not as thorough as hers.

10 things simple things that make me happy

10. My toaster oven. I grew up with only a simple toaster. I never new the joys of toaster-ovenhood until I married and had a house of my own. I was given a toaster oven as a wedding gift, and let me tell you, I haven't been the same. Pizza reheated almost tastes better the second time, cheese toast is meltier, english muffins are crisper...I could cover anything in cheese and pop it in my toaster oven and be happy. I think I'll name her/him. Any suggestions?

9. Boots Renew and Rewind Serum I first heard about this magical beauty serum on not martha. I picked up the last one at my local Target, and my pore thank me daily. I have always had oily skin, but love the feel of rich, thick creams. This lightweight serum has the luxurious feel I love, but is light enough that I am not a greasepot by 10:00am. I even have had a couple of people ask me what I have used on my face, as I look smoother and clearer (I suffer from adult acne...blasted, blasted acne). I love this stuff, and it is never to early to combat wrinkles. I am approaching 30 in the coming years, after all.

8. method cleaning products with the corresponding microfiber cloth. Good for the environment, good for my home, and gets me the clean? You have to love that!

7. Romantic Home Sewing. I love this book Shannon! I am truly inspired daily.

6. Sleeping in, wallowing around in bed after Phillip goes to work, especially after a long weekend at work. Somehow the bed feels softer, the covers cooler, and my body is more relaxed. Heaven.

5. The great customer service at the Container Store. My foldable stacking shelf can in badly damaged, and they are sending me out a new replacement. And confirmed my second ordered shelf is on it's way. And I don't have to mail back the broken one!! I love their customer service!!

4. My Joy of Cooking Anniversary edition. I have yet to have a meal out of this book that Phillip hasn't exclaimed over. I just made the banana bread recipe (fiddled around with, of course) and whoo-boy it is yummy!

3. A long warm bath

2. Pumpkin coffee creamer, pumpkin candle from Target, pumpkin soup, latte, pudding, the color....I love pumpkin!!

1. When my Phillip kisses me goodbye while I sleep, or the vice versa. His smile makes my knees quake, and when he kisses me goodbye my whole day feels brighter.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Swap Angel

Remember the color swap I did back in May? I blogged about it here. Well, I did eventually get a note from my partner, citing a hectic life and issues. She said that she had a package ready, it would be mailed soon, and she would email me again when it went in the mail. I replied back, thanking her for letting me know what was up, and telling her how excited I was to get a package in the mail. I never heard from her again. No package, no email, nothing. I looked at her blog, and she pretty much quit blogging, too. I hope all is well with her, but from looking at her blog I noticed that she participates in a ton of swaps. She wrote about getting so excited about getting goodies, and I think to have participated in so many, and recieved so much, that it is pretty selfish to taketake take and not give back. *sigh*

Enter Shannon. Shannon had completely renewed my faith in swaps and the such. She took pity on me, and volunteered to be my Angel. Out of the kindness of her heart she put together a package for me that was perfect in every way. I danced around my kitchen and squeeeeeed to my husband's dismay (serious eye-rolling from him). I feel so grateful and happy, and I have already made use of some of my goodies!!
Take a look at my haul!
group shot!!
CopperPot roving that i just want to roll around in.....

custom spindle from Shannon's own esty shop: SpinSanity based on my favorite AmyButler fabric "Gothic Rose" *swoons* It is a masterpiece. And coordinates with my swing bag ;)
lookie at the shaft!! You simply MUST go buy yourself a SpinSanity Spindle!! I totally am going to collect them, and give them as gifts!!! Shannon, you are talented beyond words! It spins like a dream!
Don't you wish YOU had these stitch markers? I love the color combo.
Sew What! Skirts: I bought this for my own SP, and really wanted one for myself! I have fabric que'ed already! :)
Romantic Home Sewing: I have already made the apron out of this book! I love it so! I am inspired to organize the home, and for that my hubby thinks you should be bronzed and hung in a place of honor! ;)
yummy coffee flavored treats! Not individually pictured: creme savers, which are now at work for me to enjoy! My fave is creme brulee'
Thank you Shannon, from the bottom of my heart. I am planning a package for you, and I just want to you know how special you have made me feel, and that you are amazing!! I am lucky that you found me, and that I now have you in my life. The blogosphere has really been wonderful to me, and you are a huge part of that. Thank you!!!