Saturday, February 23, 2008

Friday, February 15, 2008

No, really...YOU make my day!

The ever Fabulous NotScarlett tagged me with one of the nicest memes going around the blogosphere, the You Make My Day Award.

I was completely blown away, since this is the girl who got me into Ravelry!! Thank you so much Sarah!

I read eleventybillion blogs, so many that I had to switch to Google Reader, so this was really hard for me. Here is goes:

dogged. : Ashley is incredible talented, considerate, takes wonderful pictures, and makes me wish I had a doggy to sew for and take to the park. I always love to see what she is working on, since she creates items that I love before I even knew I loved it!

soto softies: Maritza is one of the most creative bloggers out there. Not only does she create softies I love to grab up (I'm at 5 and counting!!), but she manages to find time to post at eggman, knotty bits, inside the softie machine, theneedle, and soto softies!! Maritza, you are totally my crafting hero!

Chara Michele : I came for the patchwork scraves, and stayed for the awesome. Chara inspires me to be more creative in my homelife, to appreciate to beauty around me.

The Dance Primer: AmberLynn is a fellow lindyhopper, and her posts really make me think-think-think about dance. Not only does she have great interviews with popular dancers, but she posts interesting questions about spreading dance love. Thanks Amber, for helping me to be a more mindful dancer.

january one : What else can be said about Cara? This is the first knitblog I ever read, and I am so glad I stumbled on her when I google searched about knitting. Her phenomenal photography inspired me to pick up my camera and take pictures, and I hope one day to churn out monkeys like her! With picots!

Stitchy Fingers: Shannon, my dearest Shannon, how do I count the ways that you make my day? You saved me from an ill-begotton swap, you make beautiful spindles that fuel an addiction, you have the most adorable family, and you have a package coming to you soon (I am waiting on something to arrive in the post) You have been making my day for a long time.

the KNITTING PHILISTINE: Megan is a knitting archaeologist. She is living my dream. I am totally going to run away, finish my archaeology degree, and blame Megan!

Team Knit: Two girls who I would completely let pick out my clothes and knitting projects.

NotScarlett: I am totally passing this one back to Sarah. One day we shall meet IRL. And oh, shall the world tremble before us!!! muuwahahah!!!

kelp!knits: I first ran into kelp! on flickr, and soon discovered someone I would love to have a craft-day with. Ever time a new post pops up, my queue gets longer!

Whew!! I could go one and on, but no one wants to hear me yammer on about how awesome knitbloggers are! (Since we already know!)

Gotta go get a good friend from the airport, so I'll be back.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fat Tuesday!

Happy Mardi Gras to all, eat, drink, be merry, and most of all VOTE!!! ;)

Lassiez le bon temps rouler!!!!