Friday, June 15, 2007

Yarn Ahoy!!!!

I just signed up for Yarn Pirate's Booty Club! I am such a joiner, but I HAD to. I declined to sign up for Blue Moon's Rockin Sock Club 2 after saving myself a slot, and I really regret it. And, I get lovely sock yarn in the mail. The selection of sock yarn in town is not the best, so what better than to have it dropped at your front door?

I finished the minisweater, FO photos to come at a late date, after this weekend of servitude in the hospital. I am already looking around for another sweater project! This time, no cotton yarn!

Have a fun weekend, and think of me, locked away on the nursing ward of doomy-doom-doom.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

MS 3

I just signed up for the Mystery Stole 3 , so should you! The group closes to new members on July 6th, so be sure to head over there and join the fun.

Finishing up the minisweater...more to come.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Knitbloggers are the best!

Why I love etsy:

These lovelies came from the delightful doggedknits's esty store:
I cannot say enough about Ashley! She is a great seller. I ordered this adorable wristlet from Ashley, unknowingly while she was on vacation. Not only did she make me a whole new wristlet while at her family's, but she even included a Good Soapworks of Athens ginger citrus hand cream!!! I have been drooling over Megan's soaps and creams for some time, and now I have a tub of my very own! Many, many thanks, Ashley. I have been wearing my new wristlet everywhere, and all of my fashionista friends are eaten up with handbag-lust!
I have been knitting on my minisweater, and working a few rows of my Roza socks during my lunch breaks at work. I also have a curtain and pillows in the planning stages, and maybe a quilt...perhaps. I am waiting on an order from the Fat Quarters Shop to get here before I go further. I am still looking for leather for straps for my handbags I am working on, but I have not found a source yet! See a previous post for a heartfelt plead!! Help!
Gotta go soak in the tub now, my poison ivy rash is screaming for oatmeal bath!! Later!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

One sock down...

and one more to go. My first ever sock is off the needles and kitchenered (badly, oops!). I finished off the first of the Desert Sunrise socks on the trip up to Kentucky, but the sun finally came out today for the photo shoot. I learned a lot from this sock. It by no means fits perfectly, and I even kitchenered the toes vertically instead of horizontally (I blame lack of sleep for that one), but all in all I loved it!

Sock knitting HOORAY!! I have a tone of nice sock yarn in the stash. The second Desert Sunrise sock will be knit on the way to the Private Collection in Knoxville at the end of this month. The mindless stockinette makes for good car knitting as I navigate from the passenger seat. Yay for husbands that do the driving so the wifey can knitknitknit to her heart's content!

I have already cast on for Roza's socks from Interweave Knits, and I am loving it! I am using my STR mediumweight in Beryl and size 2 Clover dpns. Love! I knit a few rows at lunch break during my nursing shifts (saves my sanity, it does), and I got a lot accomplished at the Orchid club meeting last night. Although, it kinda ticks me off every meeting when I bring out the knitting and every asks if i am pregnant. Hello...I am working on an adult-sized sock. No baby here. But, they really do mean well, and I am the only member of the club of child-bearing age. Hee. The president this year, Jim, was telling me that he always knew when his wife Pam was pregnant because, "I would see her crocheting baby blankets" So I guess he just flashes back to those times.

Speaking of orchids, my Equitant Tolumnia "Galveston Bay" is blooming. All of the members last night made me promise to show it next year at the Show. Pretty cool! It is a very nice plant. It is also the first of my orchids that I got to rebloom! Every year it gets bigger and bigger. Jim thinks I could get an AOS next year.

The flowers: (there is a good reason they call these Dancing Ladies!!)

The whole plant:
Have a great summer day!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

In Stitches...

Hi ya'll. I am planning on making the leather-handled shoulder bag form Amy Butler's In Stitches. I have searched my hometown for the leather needed, but I am going to have to go online . Not that I have a problem shopping online. :)

Have any of you made this bag, and if you used leather, where did you purchase it? I have used our great, glorious Leader Google, but I really have not found a site I feel I can trust yet. Any good sites you can lead me too? Or, if you didn't use the leather, how did you substitute?

Many thanks to you wonderfully crafty bloggers out there!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Swap sadness

I signed up for my first swap. I had so much fun picking out surprises for my partner. I merrily sent off my package, and waited for the person who got me to send me a package. Well, it is now officially June, and I have not heard anything from my person. My sender doesn't have a blog, so I don't know if she was having family issues, and I haven't gotten an email/teaser/sorry I flaky/anything. :(
I am not that upset about not receiving anything, for me the whole point was to make someone else happy. But I am a little peeved knowing my sender got a package, and didn't make an effort to send one out.

Does this happen a lot in swaps? I am kinda wary of signing up for another one is this is the norm.