Friday, May 30, 2008

Monday, May 12, 2008

Camera goes "bye-bye"

My beloved digicam is out of commission. This has happened one too often and I am not happy, since it has thrown off my blogging mojo I was building up. Arrghhh! More to come when I get home form work!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The best person I know,

is my Dear Mother. You have been an inspiration to me, both in parenting and how to be a good wife and person. You are patient, creative, adaptable, hardworking, loving, motivated, filled with love, beautiful, humble, a good listener, and the best MIL that Phillip could ever dream of.

Thank you, from the whole of my heart, for being my Mother, for standing by me in any situation that I may have gotten myself into, and for loving me so much.


Sunday, May 4, 2008

What a week!

This has been a chaotic week for me. I have been having trouble breathing for about 3 weeks now. We thought my work environment was making me sick, and plant management has been doing a check on the ac units to see if there if a mold/mildew problem. No matter what we have been doing, it is still muggy as all heck in the office. Well, this past Wednesday I wake up at 2:22 am feeling like someone is sitting on my chest. I managed to get my inhaler (that thankfully m coworker wrote for me 2 weeks before) and go into the bathroom. I take my dose and pray that I don't close up my airway completely. I still am having trouble, and I put my cell and inhaler on the bedside table in case I need them. I took my inhaler again at 5:25 and it doesn't help at all. I go to work early so I can set up the office for the day's procedures. I had a feeling I would be leaving , so I wanted all of the contrast and consents ready. ( I work under fluoroscopy on Wednesdays and Thursdays helping to perform pain-blocks). I manage to make it through the morning's procedures so I can go to the Immediate Care clinic at lunch that is attached to our Pain Clinic. (Thank God i work at a huge Medical Complex!!) By the time I get to the counter, I hear someone getting off the phone saying that Dr P___'s nurse is on her way over and she can't breathe. As I lean on the counter my lungs seize up and I can't breathe! They slap some oxygen on me, and the doctor listened to me. I got a stat jet-neb breathing treatment, and after that failed, a steroid shot in the ass. Then came the chest xrays and blood draws. Turns out I had been having an acute Asthma exacerbation and was exhausting myself. The physician was almost going to admit me to the hospital, but decided I WAS OK TO GO HOME. The rest of the week has been a struggle to breathe, and get on with my life. I haven't been able to play Ultimate, and it turns out I have a lung infection so I am on Antibiotics, an inhaled steroid/beta-angonist med, a steroid dose pack, singulair, and my rescue inhaler. All this for a girl who up to two weeks ago only took a BCP!!! It still hurts to take a deep breath, and I pulled a muscle in my upper right chest muscles that makes a deep breath impossible. I have had to go easy at work, and I am so scared that something is going to happen to make me not be able to perform my job. If my workplace is making me ill, then ...gosh, I don't know. I can't not be able to play my sports!
My husband and I are active people, and I need to be able to run around and stay active. I'll keep you updated on what is happening.