Thursday, August 30, 2007

I have something important...

to blog about, however I do not have my camera connector/ubs/thingerdoodle. More to come when I find it!!!

In other news, I ran today. Well spurts of running amidst longer periods of 'walking while panting' One should not run at 10:30 CST in Florida in August. Not.A.Good.Thing. But after the extreme heat wore off with the help of a cool shower, Aveda Foot relief (ahh...peppermint cools.), ice water with lemon, and a delish ripe peach, I feel like a new Ashley. A new, stronger, I can do this Ashley. I can get back into the shape I am used to. YessireBob! Does anyone know of any good podcasts about running/exercising/fitness at home? I would love a link or a nudge in the right direction! :)

Ok, off to look for that darn camera cable!