Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hello again

Sporadic posting is my middle name. I attempted to find a new home over on wordpress, but I felt pretty limited with my blog's appearance. I might stay here, I might find another blog home, but I will update with details when I can find what I need. :)

Life has been flying by. Work has been crazy, I have lost 2 out of my 4 coworkers in the past two months. Which honestly? I am a-ok with. One of the aforementioned coworkers was a very toxic individual, and brought the drama-llama to the office everyday. The other followed along, since the Toxic Coworker (TC) was very two-faced and fooled the other into thinking everyone was out to get her. Now, peace reigns in my worklife, which alleviates so much stress from my life.

I have been crafting up a storm! I have finished two sweaters since I last checked in here, two earflap hats, a set of mitts for me, a cowl, a pair of stockingette socks, and a beautiful lap quilt! I an currently cutting out a layered Barcelona skirt in a great moda polka dot print. I should have my skirt done this weekend if I can sit at my sewing table. I had a flare-up of an old back injury this past friday. I have been pretty much shackled to the couch on muscle relaxers, ibuprofen and pain relievers. My Memorial Day holiday was spent hobbling around. Hopefully all of the good care I am doing for myself will pay of with a return of good health and an active weekend! There are more seeds and plantlets to go in the garden! I am also thinking of some peach freezer jam, or maybe strawberry. expect some more pictures either tomorrow or this weekend when the light is better.