Monday, September 10, 2007

10 Things

I was perusing my blogroll this morning while sipping my coffee and stumbled across this post by the scent of water. I was inspired to post my own 10things post, albeit not as thorough as hers.

10 things simple things that make me happy

10. My toaster oven. I grew up with only a simple toaster. I never new the joys of toaster-ovenhood until I married and had a house of my own. I was given a toaster oven as a wedding gift, and let me tell you, I haven't been the same. Pizza reheated almost tastes better the second time, cheese toast is meltier, english muffins are crisper...I could cover anything in cheese and pop it in my toaster oven and be happy. I think I'll name her/him. Any suggestions?

9. Boots Renew and Rewind Serum I first heard about this magical beauty serum on not martha. I picked up the last one at my local Target, and my pore thank me daily. I have always had oily skin, but love the feel of rich, thick creams. This lightweight serum has the luxurious feel I love, but is light enough that I am not a greasepot by 10:00am. I even have had a couple of people ask me what I have used on my face, as I look smoother and clearer (I suffer from adult acne...blasted, blasted acne). I love this stuff, and it is never to early to combat wrinkles. I am approaching 30 in the coming years, after all.

8. method cleaning products with the corresponding microfiber cloth. Good for the environment, good for my home, and gets me the clean? You have to love that!

7. Romantic Home Sewing. I love this book Shannon! I am truly inspired daily.

6. Sleeping in, wallowing around in bed after Phillip goes to work, especially after a long weekend at work. Somehow the bed feels softer, the covers cooler, and my body is more relaxed. Heaven.

5. The great customer service at the Container Store. My foldable stacking shelf can in badly damaged, and they are sending me out a new replacement. And confirmed my second ordered shelf is on it's way. And I don't have to mail back the broken one!! I love their customer service!!

4. My Joy of Cooking Anniversary edition. I have yet to have a meal out of this book that Phillip hasn't exclaimed over. I just made the banana bread recipe (fiddled around with, of course) and whoo-boy it is yummy!

3. A long warm bath

2. Pumpkin coffee creamer, pumpkin candle from Target, pumpkin soup, latte, pudding, the color....I love pumpkin!!

1. When my Phillip kisses me goodbye while I sleep, or the vice versa. His smile makes my knees quake, and when he kisses me goodbye my whole day feels brighter.