Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Lapzilla is Dead! Long live the Lapzilla

My beloved Laptop has died. I am awaiting the box that will soon arrive to ship it back to HP and they will have to wipe it clean to bring my baby back to life. Bear with me while I am computer-free. Pity me for all of the information that has been lost on it. Mourn as I have to resort to using the HusBeast's computer, which entails shoving him out of the chair and stealing it.

  • Oh, and the Claret Cardi is alomst done, but my pics have been eaten by my laptop. Same as all of the other FOs I have.
  • Wednesday is my 28th birthday....I feel old already. How sad is that?
  • We might move. I am conflicted about this.
  • My iron was damamged, and I have projects I need to do.
  • Life seems kinda broken, but overall pleasant. This is confusing to me.
  • Oh, and Shannon...I am waiting for one goodie, and you will soon have a package!!! Tee hee hee!!!
  • I somehow switched to bullets in the post. I have always liked a good bulleted list.
  • I went to the beach with friends this weekend and actually felt sunshine on my face. I think I have mild Seasonal Affective Disorder, and I cannot even begin to express how good the sun felt! It is stormy here again and I am dreaming of the sun (and a working laptop.)
I might drag my feverish butt to the store and get a new iron. Or not.