Friday, September 14, 2007

Lookie what I got!!

I came home form work....and what do I behold?

I see wrapping.....

I love the brown and robin's egg blue paper and ribbon! The ribbon will be worn as a headband, that's for sure! :)

See what is inside!!! The theme of my package was romance and nature. Everything came from my pal's LYS, and I want to go to that LYS!!! :) I think she nailed it on the head! I just love everything! It was such a pick-me-up to come home from work and see all of my goodies! (hence the flashy-nighttime pictures!) I am so spoiled!!

Knitting Lingerie Style!!! I have been drooling over this book! And can I tell you Phillip was mesmerized by the cover. Totally intrigued.
***Edited to add: My Knitting Lingerie Style was signed by the author herself! I wasn't sure, but my SuperCrafty pal confirmed it!!! Every bow down to the awesomeness that is my SP11! Pal, I don't know how you did it, but you are Awesome!!!! *********************************
Sarah's Yarn
100% bamboo!!! I have been wanting bamboo yarn ever since that episode of Stash and Burn
where they talked about the LBT. Thank you, it is so amazing! I just want to cuddle it, it is so soft. I am torn between the Montego bay scarf from IK, and the Surplice Bodice Camisole from my new Knitting Nature!!!
This lavender sachet is already scenting my stash, keeping moths away!
This is the best organic/vegan/all natural candy I have ever had!! I keep it in my pocket at work, and I pop a few in my mouth and am instantly happy! Yummy!!!! I am loving this Rosemary candle. Soy is clean burning, and rosemary is such a wonderful scent.
Not pictured: Ravishing Sex Goddess tea. Me and my friends have already drank tons of it on girl's night, and I left it at my friend's house. Actually, I think she is trying to steal it, but no way!! I'm getting it back! :)
I have the best pal! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!!!!