Monday, April 30, 2007

Plugging away

Still here, busy with work-craziness. I am savoring the chev and the minisweater. Each moment of knitting is a moment I am not stressed about work. Ahhh...

So this weekend I am planning a sewing frenzy after the Dance we are attending on Saturday Night. This dance could mean big things for me and the Hubs. The dance ('sock-hop' *cringe*) is being held by CenterStage, a dance studio here in town we are thinging about working with to create a monthly dance in Pensacola with. We also want to start to provide workshops by Lindy Instructors from all over the country, and a good working relationship with CenterStage could be the venue we have been looking for. To be able to provide workshop space so we can have the instructors we want teaching in the area....a dream I just recently discovered. So we'll have to see how it goes this weekend, it might all be a bust. But you see, I am evil, and have another venue I thought about today! Craziness!!

So this isn't a text only post, I leave you with a picture of the sweet viola plantlet that opened up this morning, and my new fuschia I found at Wally-World:

Oh, yeah!! I have Jury Duty next week*sigh*, so expect some Seriously big progress on my WIPS.
Talk to you later, Chickadees