Friday, April 27, 2007

Gotta love car trips

Last week my husband, friend Kim and I drove to Atlanta, Ga for the Atlanta Lindy Exchange. Four days of non-stop dancing. My feet are still tired, but man-o-man was it worth it! My husband deserved kudos for driving the whole way, with allowed me to knit in the car until the daylight failed me. I made some serious progress in the chevron scarf. No knitting in the minisweater (yes, I know I was going to wear it in ATL, but my circ cable was too short, and my LYS was out of the size I needed!) but I went to the LYS when we returned and bought a Lantern Moon rosewood circ. So warm and slippy. I am sloggin through, and hopefully will be done soon. I am itching for a FO to post.

My delightful LYS, Unwind is starting to hold Sit and Stitch Night. The next one I can make is May 16th. By that time, my roving from hopefully will have arrived. YAY! I want to learn to spin so much. Now, to start with a drop spindle or the wheel....:) I am thinking I can buy a small bag of roving at Unwind to play with at Sit n Stitch, and have the lovely Sarah show me a spindle and the wheel. That way, I can make an informed decision prior to letting my wallet do the thinkin! I am looking forward to this. I have been hoping to spin yarn for some time now.

My girly-friend Rebecca will be coming over next week to help me put together my sewing/craft room. She is also teaching me how to sew with my sewing machine. I have gathered some cute fabric, thread, and notions (visit my flickr for the goods) and am ready to dive into the fabric arts world. Hurrah for crafty friends willing to pass on their addictions to others! (Never fear, I gave Becca orchids, and she almost now has more than me!!)

Until next time...