Tuesday, May 1, 2007

*insert ~squee~ here*

Want some of your own? Clicky-clicky!! Just done go and buy it all out from under me. ;)
Now all I need is to buy a spindle and figure out how to turn this into yarn. ;) Sit and Stitch May 16th, here I come!

Tonight if the Greater Pensacola Orchid Society meeting. We will have a guest speaker and Phal. sale. Hoo-boy, I need to *forget* my checkbook at home. Or not, depending on how you look at it. ;) I am kinda bummed about the timing (only my luck, wouldn't you have it) since tonight is the 1st Blues on the Beach out on Pensacola Beach. All of my buddies and The Husband are going. But I simply cannot punk out on Mom tonight. She has been looking forward to Orchid club for a couple of weeks. meh...there are plenty of BotB, and Phillip can't really complain since he missed every single one last summer in favor of Ultimate Frisbee. So there! :P ;)

Recent discovery: brown free-range eggs are yum! As is Organic milk. I am anticipating brown egg and our homegrown tomato sandwiches in the very near future. I just have to keep the bird feeder fell stocked so they leave my little 'maters alone. I am really getting into the whole organic movement, I have been feeling healthier and my skin has been improving. Now to find Rosewater and Jason Organics shampoo/conditioner in town. It feels so good to be reverting back to my greeen roots.

Back to work tomorrow and Thursday, but I am off this weekend! Which will be nice, since I have to work almost all of the Saturdays of this month so I can be off for DSiL's HS graduation up in Kentucky. We are going to go CAVING!!! And perhaps a little jaunt to Wild and Woolly in Lexington, hmmm??? maybe a trip to the Red River Gorge for some climbing action? Phillip already promised to visit his old college swim coach to get heirloom seeds. Maybe I can get him to take me back to that yummy pizza/pasta place in Berea also.

Must resist spending until the trip! Good thing I have my BMFA STR arriving any day now! Yay! for Nodding Violet and Beryl! I just have to figure out what to make that isn't another yummy chevron scarf. Socks, maybe? I need to think on that. Crapmonkeys! I need to get a spindle....ah, well, I don't put in tons of soul-sucking time at the hospital for nothing!

Off to go play on the Lime & Violet MoDDD , (while slogging away on the minisweater, and doing laundry! Duh!)