Friday, January 2, 2009


Happy New Year! 2008 was a busy year for me. My second year of marriage to my partner-in-crime, a new job, new hobbies, loss of focus with the old ones, a few good friends that went into the hands of God, and illness. I am looking forward to seeing what 2009 has in store for me. I love reading everyone's end of the year blog posts, the reflection of the past year, and the hopes of the year to come. I find it so inspiring. So this year, I have thought of my own theme/hope for '09.

This year the word that has been floating around in my head is Simplicity. Cutting out the over consumption and truly living with what I need, not what is "oooh-shiny!" "look over there!" that distracts me in the moment. I want to be more aware of what I need, what I can get be without, and what truly makes me happy. Now, this isn't about deprivation. I have a great job, thankfully my dear Phillip has a great job. But I want to start saving more for our future. A nest-egg for when the moment is right to add on to our family so that I may stay home and not worry about how to pay bills. For that great trip we talk about. I know personally I try to fill perceived holes in my life with 'stuff''. Tangible objects with the notion that these possessions will make me happy. All it seems to do is weigh me down. This is the year to DO more, and sit around and buy less. I know this will be a struggle, but I think it will be a worthwhile one. And really, i am not just talking about Simplicity in my purchases. I want to provide simple, tasty meals, be active and not have to feel like I am needing to buy stuff to be active and creative. Do more with what I have already. Enrich my life with activity. Clean up my damn yard this year and add to our property value. Create an aesthetic and stick with it, not change with the slightest whim. I want to use my cooking skills to simplify my grocery purchases. Using my new bread machine and Artisian bread book to the best of my ability. Eliminate as much HFCS from our diets as I can. it is all about creating a good simple, fulfilling existence.

Good luck to you and yours with your goals and resolutions. Here's to the new year, full of promise and new possibilities!