Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Really? Last post in March??

Time flies when you are having fun, I guess. Work has been going great, except for the fact that I am allergic to something in my office. Dance is amazing...we just got back into town after ATLX5, and I have to say it was probably my most relaxed event so far. Atlanta was beautiful although I can leave the pollen there, thankyouverymuch! I had tons of great dances, and I am renewed in my commitment to get better. Yay for yummy dance-goodness!!

The week prior to ATLX Phillip and I went to Kentucky to visit. It was a pretty nerve-wracking trip for me. Not because my In-Laws aren't awesome, because they are, but because a couple months ago Phillip approached me about moving to Lexington. Needless to say, I was conflicted and curious. There where advantages to moving, and advantages to saying here. Now I really don't have to think about it anymore, since the possible position isn't so much as a progression up the ladder, but a lateral move with not a good chance for advancement. There goes that idea! I have been able to kiss that knot in my stomach goodbye and focus on making our life here the best I can (which, honestly, I haven't been doing). I am going to join the Pensacola Archaeological Society, spend more QT with my friends, and take better care of me and my home.

Speaking of the good life...I am totally living it! It is almost beach-weather! Yay for getting back on the surfboard. Tiny plants are poking their heads up, and I have been spending my lunch hour sitting outside knitting. Since we are staying here for the undetermined future, I joined the YMCA so I can get back into the pool and swim my little heart out. I need to gain the strength I lost when I hurt my back, and this is my first step.

Crafty-ness is going great here:
Yarn: Yarn Pirate Booty Club: Rum Runner
Needles: Colonial Rosewood DPN size 1
Specs: cast on 64, 2x2 ribbed cuff, stockingette leg, shortrow heel,wedge toe. Easy Peasy!
Quilt Pictures to come soon!