Friday, April 25, 2008

A new, healthy me.

In a fit of inspiration and after a long time of longing and dreaming about swimming, I took the plunge so to speak and joined the YMCA that abuts my office. I hit the pool on Wednesday, and I out of shape! I swam laps and did a few pulling/sculling and kicking drills. By the time I showered off, got home and soaked in the tub, I was in pain. I seriously overworked my lat muscles, and I could hardy sleep. Even so, the smell of the chlorine, the goggles, the suit. Ahhhhh. Oh how I have missed leaving my heart and my energy in the pool. Swimming is like an old friend that you don't see for years, but can pick up right where you left off. Only in this case I bit off more than I could chew. Although I do in a weird kinda way, enjoy that all over-exhausted tiredness that comes with a good workout. :)

Still working on a few WIP that are languishing, I have been a bit sick lately and it has sapped all of my knitting mojo. Maybe this weekend I can get the peplum of the claret cardi finished, since I really want to work on Hew!