Monday, January 21, 2008

Is my husband awesome or what?

I was walking around Sunday shopping with my husband (which can be sheer torment, depending on his mood.) when he completely blindsides me. Not only does he shop around for invisible zipper feet with me, but he holds my hand and doesn't misbehave at all. (I am on to him...he tortures me at stores so I quit asking him to go..heehee...little does he know it is how I torment him!) Then he tells me the most amazing thing-he would like to get me a sewing/craft table for the back office, so I can always have a place to sew, instead of dragging the machine out to the breakfast room, which acts as our only eating surface right now. *swoon!!*

So here is where you come in, crafty readers. I need suggestions/websites/examples of sewing/craft tables that I can show him.. Please leave a link in the comments, or email me at flashalee at gee male dot com!! Thank you so much!! :)