Tuesday, October 23, 2007

KLX and knitting

KLX came and went. It was a lovely, lovely time in Knoxville. The leaves haven't turned yet, but there was a refreshing nip to the air that made dancing for hours upon end feasible. I really felt I found my musicality, and I have danced faster than I ever have before. The Friday night dance and the Saturday afternoon dance pretty much tied for favorites. I hated the music at the Saturday Night dance!! I totally did not drive 10+ hours to listen to neo-swing and hip-hop. Although I did have two awesome dances with Hurley (Orlando) and Christian (Gainesville) to Outcast and some rap song respectively. I finally got to see Annie IRL, and boy do I wish she lived closer! An awesome, well-traveled, smart lindyhopper....:) I also got to spend some time with Heather A, and I would love to have her down here, too. DJ, Lindyhopper, and knitter!!

Spending time with the in-laws was just wonderful, we stayed yet again with Chris and Alison, and I fell even more in love with K-ville.

The downside? I cannot find my camera anywhere. I last used it on the day we went climbing, and hopefully it is still in Chris's magic-van.

Gotta run, more later.