Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Busy Bee

This weekend is the Knoxville Lindy Exchange. (see the sidebar for a link) I am so excited to get to Tennessee and see all of the lovely dancers that attend this event. I love Knoxville, the city itself speaks to me. The hilly mountains, the forests, the abundant National Parks, the college atmosphere, Market Street...I love it all. Phillip has an Aunt that lives in Knoxville, and boy do I enjoy seeing her and the family. A 10hr car drive that allows me to knit isn't bad either ;) We are driving up ourselves this time, and meeting both my SIL, Amy and Sarah, and my MIL MaryAnne. I am looking forward to seeing my in-laws. I adore them to pieces. I have not seen Sarah since she started college. I am so proud of how well she is we ever had a doubt!
Oh! and Phillip and I are going up early to rock climb with our host, Chris! I am so excited! Dancing, family, knit-time, husband car time, and rock climbing!!

I'll report back after the event with a little dance wrap-up.

In crafty news:
I am getting closer to the heel on my second Roza's Beryl sock. I had a little mishap with the sock riding around in my purse to and from work. A needle pulled halfway out and stitches dropped all the way to the cast-on edge. I ripped the second sock and started over. I have made some good make-up progress. I plan to finish is on the ride up to Knoxville. I am also reworking a Noro Kureyon top down hat that I started last year. The colors are knitting up beautifully, and I plan a my-so-called scarf to go along with it.

In other news:
I love clotted cream! I purchased a tiny pot from World Market and finally opened it up today. I made some really ugly (but tasty!) scones, and smothered them in clotted cream. Heaven! I added a teeny bit of Apricot Preserves and had a proper tea-time. Although I don't have any plain good black tea...just green,chai, and a tazo assorment that I really don't care for. Give me a delish green tea, or a nice black tea. Ah well, I'll be on the look-out. And I broke my tea-infuser. Drat!
Next on my list are madelines. I have a fantastic madeline pan I received as a wedding gift, and I am dying to try it out. I love baking, cake decorating, and,well, cooking! Right now I am making my famous pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting to take with us to K-ville. Yum!
...there goes the timer...gotta run!

Later my dears! have a fun-filled weekend, I know I will!