Monday, August 20, 2007

I give up.

You know, I really tried to post the Enc. of Me meme, but I am simply not the post everyday type of blogger. With my work schedule the way it is right now, I simply cannot maintain the level of mental fortitude needed to post after work. Blah. Maybe after I get that new J.O.B I want. We shall see.

In the meantime, I am knitting away on my Retro Redux Shrug (heretofore known as RRS), and I have an upcoming car trip to Atlanta for Southern Belle Swing Bash, and i am going to finish Roza's socks on that trip. So now I must start planning my next pair of travel-socks. I have to always have a sock on the needles to work on while riding in the car/knitting at work/knitting at swing during songs I don't care for/beach knitting/etc... :) What to knit? What out of the SockStash shall I cast on? Hmmm...decisions. I should have you very fine knitterly friends help me out!!

from the top:
(a.) Lime and Violet Box of Wishes (b.)L&V The Dancers (c.) L&V Carolina Shag
(d.) L&V Lindyhop (e.) Yarn Pirate Rum Runner (f.) L&V Pisces
(g.) L&V Lyra (h.) Lout Gems Opal French Blue (i.) Yarn Pirate Calamity
Now for Pattern Options: Monkey for the variegated yarns?, Charade for the Rum Runner? what about the legwarmers form One Skein converted into socks for the Louet?, Any ideas??? HELP!!!!
What should Ashley knit next? What is my new sock project??