Wednesday, June 6, 2007

One sock down...

and one more to go. My first ever sock is off the needles and kitchenered (badly, oops!). I finished off the first of the Desert Sunrise socks on the trip up to Kentucky, but the sun finally came out today for the photo shoot. I learned a lot from this sock. It by no means fits perfectly, and I even kitchenered the toes vertically instead of horizontally (I blame lack of sleep for that one), but all in all I loved it!

Sock knitting HOORAY!! I have a tone of nice sock yarn in the stash. The second Desert Sunrise sock will be knit on the way to the Private Collection in Knoxville at the end of this month. The mindless stockinette makes for good car knitting as I navigate from the passenger seat. Yay for husbands that do the driving so the wifey can knitknitknit to her heart's content!

I have already cast on for Roza's socks from Interweave Knits, and I am loving it! I am using my STR mediumweight in Beryl and size 2 Clover dpns. Love! I knit a few rows at lunch break during my nursing shifts (saves my sanity, it does), and I got a lot accomplished at the Orchid club meeting last night. Although, it kinda ticks me off every meeting when I bring out the knitting and every asks if i am pregnant. Hello...I am working on an adult-sized sock. No baby here. But, they really do mean well, and I am the only member of the club of child-bearing age. Hee. The president this year, Jim, was telling me that he always knew when his wife Pam was pregnant because, "I would see her crocheting baby blankets" So I guess he just flashes back to those times.

Speaking of orchids, my Equitant Tolumnia "Galveston Bay" is blooming. All of the members last night made me promise to show it next year at the Show. Pretty cool! It is a very nice plant. It is also the first of my orchids that I got to rebloom! Every year it gets bigger and bigger. Jim thinks I could get an AOS next year.

The flowers: (there is a good reason they call these Dancing Ladies!!)

The whole plant:
Have a great summer day!