Wednesday, May 16, 2007


What a week. Work has been kicking my ass. I have come home every night so far and gone straight to bed. No reading, no knitting, no snuggling with the Husband. it hasn't been too horrendous, but steady through the day, no time really for a break. I have the next few days off, before I work the entire weekend, so I am taking my time for myself and the house. Knitting, sewing, perhaps a little cleaning. Tonight is Sit n' Stitch at Unwind. I am sooo there. I will be wearing my new Georgia tee and working on a few projects. I am thinking about looking at a few spindles and "practice roving" tonight, and seeing if they carry the yarn for the Ogee Lace Wrap
and maybe price the yarn for the yoga bag/bottle bag. the bottle bag intrigues me a tiny bit more. My precious Nalgene get no respect, and a lacy home for it could work.

I have some Fat quarters coming in from one of my new favorite etsy shops: Starlit Nest. I went ahead and purchased some Amy Butler and Freshcut by Heather Bailey. The Quilt Corner in Pensacola only had three Amy Butler fabrics, and I wanted a backup incase the Sewing Center in Ft Walton Beach didn't have very many either. I am planning on making the drawstring bag from In Stitches, and a patchwork tote loosely based on one of the pillows in the same book. I really want to make some pillows and a shower-curtain (you'll see!) from her fabrics, but I really want to touch them in person, not just drool over the internet. Hopefully the Sewing Center will have oodles of Amy Butler in stock, just waiting for me to go nuts!

I'm off...hopefully some photos next time!