Thursday, May 17, 2007

Lovely, lovely day...

...spent knitting on the patio scaring the birds, enjoying the slightly shade in the roof overhang, listening to the new Lime&Violet, drinking coffee with heavy cream and vanilla extract, rejoicing when the love of my life shows up and puts out the slackline, kicking the slackline's butt, doing pull-ups in preparation for rock-climbing at the Red River Gorge, finding junky clothes for caving, eating yummy pasta and meat sauce, new sale pants from anthro.

I'll be here next week:

Berea, Kentucky, rock outcrop at the Pinnacle
Red River Gorge, Kentucky, premier climbing area in the mid-atlantic!!
add sitting on my patio drinking Merlot while knitting with my husband, listening to the birds chirp, feeling the cool breeze, releasing the husband to go back inside because he doesn't care for sitting outside at dusk.