Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Wow! What a fun trip:)

My darling SiL Sarah graduated with multiple honors: Cardinal Scholar, Kentucky Scholar, Governor's Scholar, and her gown was so colorful with all of the club/organization cords she had. I took her to Magpie Yarns, but although it was a beautiful store, it really wasn't what I imagined. pretty much it was the run of the mill yarns every LYS has, minus any spinning supplies. I was tempted by the Brittany needles, but the only interesting yarn was the Claudia Handpaint. Everything else I can get for the same price at Unwind, or on the Net. I ended up getting her some baby cashmere in a fab hunter green and some dpns to make her first hat.

Amy, the older SiL, loved her drawstring pouch and BSA alpaca&silk. In fact, she used the bag as a purse the entire time we were there!!!! :) I felt so good that she liked it, and I plan on making more goodies for my new sisters in the future.

On Friday Phillip and I taught Swing/Lindy hop at Sarah's project graduation. It was pretty fun, and I got to see Sarah with her high school buddies. She was so proud to show off her big brother, and I was so proud of her and her friends.
We didn't get to go caving on Saturday. We had to make it to church at 5:30 and we could not have been able to wash the cave-funk off of us in time, so we took Sarah to the stores and to see Pirates of the Caribbean: The End of the World. Not too bad, better than Dead Man's Chest, but not as good as the original. Sarah wore the Pirate-themed Threadless shirt I gave her. We went to church, and then took our cousins M and O to college park to play on the slack line. A good tie was had by all, and M learned a valuable lesson: if you ask cousin Phillip to spin you on the tire swing endlessly, he will do it. She learned a lesson "Some adults will do what is good for you, and some adults will do just as you ask them too. Make sure you know what you are asking them to do" Thankfully, she did not barf in my car on the drive back to JoJo's (the grandmother). And M promises she won't ever spin around that much again. (My hubby is a jerk, I know. He pulls the same 'life lesson' crap with me, too.)

Sunday we took his parents MaryAnn and Perry, along with Sarah to the Red River Gorge for some climbing. We tackled a 5.7 bolted climb, and stayed there the whole day. I wish we could have gone out there for longer. I reached my second wind after we left for the day. I lovelove love climbing! I would go every weekend! Perhaps one day....

In crafty news, in case you made it this far:
I finished my first sock!!!!! The first of the Desert Sunrise socks happily awaits it's mate. I learned a lot from this first sock, and I have a feeling the second sock will be far better than the original, but WHO CARES!!!?!?! I finished a sock! Yay for 10 hr car drives where my darling husband drives the whole time, and I get to knitknitknit until I make myself car sick going through Jellico Mt.

Pictures to come after my camera battery charges enough to let me download my photos.

Tata for now, I must unpack and do laundry. Happy crafting!!