Sunday, December 16, 2007

It's been a long, long time...

Hiya. Life has been progressing here and I just have neglected this here blog-o-roony pretty badly. Oops. I started my new job, have been enjoying it so far, and I have started to learn a little about what I am doing with it. I work for a Pain Management doctor, and it is so incredibly nice to come home at a decent time, have weekends off, and get to be home for the holidays! I hope my new path will curve into a far reaching career.

Blogginess: Google Reader=awesomeness. Try it out! I am going to be going over my blog list and deleting/editing/cleaning up soon, it is out of control. I need to pare down my reading list, and spend more time crafting, rather than reading about others. Not that I don't enjoy my blog-reading time...but my blogroll has reached gigantic proportions.

Knitting: still slogging away at the Claret Cardi. I discovered that my gauge is waaaay off, and thankfully Trill was able to help me mod enough so I didn't have to rip all of my work. Lesson? Ummm...DO A GUAGE SWATCH IDIOT!!! Heh... can you believe I have never made a gauge swatch before? Lesson sincerely learned. I bow down to the Goddess of Gauge, so that She may grant me a successful FO. Also finished up a fingerless glove out of Blue Sky Alpaca, but I am waiting on the other one until I find a cast off I like better. Any suggestions for a nice stretchy simple cast-off? Anyone? I am awaiting a knitterly present from my expect a new sock started after Christmas. In Yarn Pirate. Yum.

Sewing: I finished TheMom's birthday patchwork scarf, I cut out all of the pieces for an Amy Butler In Town Bag, and I am probably going to start putting it together tonight after Mom's Belated B-Day Dinner. I have so many ideas about making napkins and household objects...I have an idea for all of my delish Amy Butler Lotus charm squares, another Amy Butler quilt, a Heather Bailey Freshcut quilt, and some umm...personal items that women need monthly.

That is all for now, I will be returning with pictures soon.

*ETA* She loved the scarf!! :)

**ETA, again** I just spilled an entire glass of water all over my pattern, cut out pieces, and an entire length of cord. Further progress to be delayed while everything dries out. Boo.