Sunday, November 11, 2007

AVS redux

This past weekend was possible the best dance weekend of my life. It ranks higher than the weekend I finally understood the 8-count. Something inside me clicked. Frame happened, joy with each dance occured, and a smile was plastered on my face. I really felt like I understood lead/follow, that connectedness which allows us to read the lead and express it as a follow. I am not usre when this change happened in me, but the whole weekend was permeated with feelings of "ahhhhhh". I only had a few moments of wariness (when I saw that the J&J I entered was vastly different then what I imagined). But I said "Self, make the best of for the sheer love of it, and do not think of what could have been. Deal with what is." And I did. Phillip, Becca and myslef swept the Beginner/Intermediate (uhh...way beginner-heavy) Jack and Jills. First for me and my partner Josef, second for Phillip and Beth, third for Becca and Aridy. A good time was had by all, and I really did try to push myself. Next year....Open/Advanced. So that I may dance way out of my league, get my ass handed to me, and grow as a dancer. Delightful!

Saturday Night was a very magical night for me. I cannot express the fun and creativity that infused each dance. I truly hope that the leads I danced with felt a bit of the feeling that they gave to me. I could replay the event over and over in my mind and keep finding little nuggets of awesome to ponder over. Thank you AVS, for being the catalyst for an enormous shift in my danceworld.

Maybe even more memorable than the dance-revolution I had was the mingling/meeting of new friends. I made an effort to mingle and interact with dancers outside of a "Hey, wanna dance" interaction. It was so fun to get to know these people that I only see every few months. Heather from Knoxville: I wish you were here, and we could have knit-night, shopping trips for bargains, and discussions on all things academic. (including the latest exploits of hunky profs). Bella: you fit is with our wacky circle, and man if that's not easy to do. Thanks for the dinnertime, and I hope the gym was fruitful! Alan, Jesse, The Deanster, Hurley, and Jerred: This weekend wouldn't have been the same without ya! I owe each of you a goodbye hug from Sunday that I left to early to give! Thanks for helping me to realize that a better dancer lives inside me. Each of you either by a dance, or by working out a move in class, gave me a tiny boost . You all have a perma-position down here with us if you even have to come down Pensacola way.

All in all: Best.Damn.Dance.Weekend.Ever.